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I help you launch your company, brand, or project by giving you strong marketing strategies that publicize your idea and increase your brand visibility. I use technology and innovation to find the most efficient means to market your business and turn your leads into sales. I assist you with brand style guides, offer coaching calls and classes, and connect you with the best graphic designers who are excelling in their industries. Learn more about my services below.


Grow Your Following, Expand Your Reach

I provide you with sustainable digital marketing strategies that help you build and maintain a strong social media presence and navigate an online community.

I teach you how to:

  1. effectively communicate your "WHY" to your target market

  2. build an online community through email marketing,

  3. show up consistently online through content marketing (i.e. Reels, word posts),

  4. use tools that make digital marketing time and cost efficient 

  5. set clear goals for your social media growth and following, and

  6. increase your brand visibility through search engine optimization (SEO)


Brand Expansion Beyond the Screen

Many business owners think the only way to grow their business is from behind the screen, posting content and marketing their products and services. The truth is, nothing beats word of mouth and in-person connections. It can be hard to break the mold of your usual methods of marketing and actually put yourself out there. You may ask, “Where do I start?” “Who do I go to?” “What will I need?” Work with me and I will show you how to capitalize on the people, events, and resources in the 757 area that will help you get connected.

I show you how to:

  1. Get from behind the screen, make in-person connections, and network,

  2. Turn leads into sales through follow-ups, email communications, and meetings,

  3. Build your brand in your local community and target area,

  4. Maximizing on Word-of-mouth and  referrals,

  5. Using local platforms like radio stations, print articles, and magazines to advertise your services, and

  6. Find the best digital creators to create your print media like brochures, flyers, business cards.


DIY Digital Marketing

Sometimes as business owners we realize the best way to get things done is to do them ourselves. By completing the task ourselves, we can do it exactly how we want it and get it done in our own timeframe. However, we face barriers when the things we want to get done, we don’t have the skills or tools to do. Work with me to learn how to navigate several aspects of digital marketing by yourself and gain knowledge on the latest and greatest technology.

I'll show you how to:

  1. Create Digital Content on Canva

  2. ​Create Video Productions on iMovie

  3. Operate YouTube and YouTube Studio

  4. Create and Manage an Online Community

  5. Study Hashtags & become a Hashtag Expert 

  6. Better engage your Target Audience on Social Media

  7. Create an effective "Call to Action” on Social Media

  8. Schedule an Automatic Content Calendar

  9. Create a Digital Printable

  10. Host a Zoom Event with your online community

  11. Become an Expert at Instagram Reels and Tiktoks videos

  12. Drive more Traffic to your Social Media Pages

  13. Much more based on your needs!

I'll show you how to:


Creating Your Brand Personality

When creating a brand identity, it’s important to establish your brand aesthetics and personality. You want to create a message to the world each time you release content. You want your audience to identify your brand by the way you show up online and in-person. I assist you in determining the aesthetics for your brand through a brand style guide. We discover your color palette, theme, style, and brand personality.


Customized Approach for Your Brand

A business plan is a powerful tool for you to establish your mission and vision, set short and long term goals, and convince investors and lenders to finance your business. It's a roadmap that guides the launch of your new business.

I help you create a plan that is clear and concise, considering the trends in your industry and needs of your market. We plan for obstacles and challenges along the way, and discover sustainable solutions early on. I encourage you to think ahead, be thorough, and leave room for refining and growth. By working with me, we’ll complete a business plan to help you exude both confidence and competence as you break into your industry and officially launch your business.

Would you like to set up an introduction? Call us today at 757-447-7249

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This service is for those who are launching a new business or project, or those who would like to rebrand a pre-existing business. Within three (3) months of working together, I will help you establish a brand identity, officially launch your business, and build a strong social media presence.


I assist you in determining the aesthetics for your brand through a brand style guide. We discover your color palette, theme, style, and brand personality.


I provide ideas for your business cards & other stationery items like your letterhead and email signature.


I provide ideas and concepts for your brand logo based on your brand personality and aesthetics.


I provide monthly coaching calls to help you develop and strengthen your brand identity while marketing your products and services and increasing your visibility.
We will meet monthly to help you create and execute a profitable digital marketing plan to grow your business and expand your reach.


I provide brand guidelines and do's and don'ts.


I’ll suggest catchy captions and effective hashtags to reach your target audience.


Once you share the vision behind your brand with us, I’ll suggest a powerful description of your brand to place in your social media bios.

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